EKSO BIONICS HOLDING (OTCBB:EKSO) reported that its Ekso Labs segment received a third contract with the U.S. SOCOM to move forward with the next stage of the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit project. The previous SOCOM project was successful, and with that the company’s focus shifts on advancement of an upper extremity part for key TALOS Mk III project. The news comes at a time when already the US Patent Office has granted company three new patents derived from their contribution on DARPA and various other government agency projects.

The details

SOCOM has been working on wearable uniform project since last year. It is a uniform that is expected to provide superhuman capabilities with high-grade protection and enhanced mobility to its Special Operations Forces. The group is now moving forward with the advancement of its exoskeleton that would provide Special Forces troops complete ballistic protection while permitting fluid movements.

The expert views

Russ Angold, the Co-founder of Ekso, said that they are proud of the ongoing association with SOCOM and the prospect to further contribute to the key TALOS project. The commitment of advancing technology, combined with company’s expertise in exoskeletons for several uses, provides Ekso with the advantage to continue planning and delivering advanced projects. It will even help to broaden IP and overall project experience and offering. The projects will serve as the strong base pad for company’s future commercial advancement of upper extremity exoskeletons.

The products

Ekso develops wearable robots, better known as Exoskeletons that are strapped over the wearer’s clothing, allowing individuals to achieve endurance, strength and mobility not otherwise possible. The company’s lead product is ‘Ekso GTTM’, which is a wearable bionics suit made for individuals with lower extremity weakness. Now, the next target of the company is to work on exoskeletons that can prove useful for individuals with upper extremity weakness.