Enviro-Serv Inc (OTCMKTS:EVSV) has announced signing a franchise agreement with Pestmaster Services for grabbing Tampa Bay Rights. Enviro-Serv is known for targeting small service companies with an excellent track record in terms of consistent profit in the commercial and residential property maintenance market.

The Pestmaster Services is a national level franchisor with over 30 different offices. It’s one of the most dominant players in the Government Sector, especially in grabbing the contracts for pest control. The franchise agreement will help Enviro-Serv expanding its network in an effective way.

Management Call:

The senior management of the company has been preparing for this moment for the last few months. A couple of weeks ago, Chris Trina, Chief Executive Officer, Enviro-Serv Inc (OTCMKTS:EVSV) said that this decision was taken with regard to enjoying return in the future. The company had some plans in place to invest in shareholders as well as the public.

It’s been a tradition for the company to send its employees for mandatory training at Pestmaster HQ every year between April 27-May 1. This year’s training had been announced in the previous week. According to Chris Trina, it’s an amazing experience for the entire management team of Enviro-Serv to spend a few days at Pestmaster Services and learn different things which were not possible otherwise.

Along with the management training, the management team of Enviro-Serv Inc also proposed a lucrative offer for getting territorial rights for both Pinellas and Hillsborough County in Tampa. The total population of the entire territory is close to 2 million. As soon as the deal is confirmed, Enviro-Serv will get complete rights on them.

According to Chris Trina, Enviro-Serv looks forward to calling itself as the Pestmaster Tampa as soon as possible. The company seems ready with the additional capital, if needed, to close this deal in the near future.