Since the first day when Rocky Mountain High was launched in the market, TOTALLY HEMP CRAZY (OTCMKTS:THCZ) has been getting excellent feedbacks about the product. Not only customers have liked it, but distributors have also shown their interest in the product.

As per the reports, the company has announced that four new distributors have decided to come on board. All of these entities will help the Rocky Mountain High infused beverage products reaching maximum people across the globe.

Management’s Call:

The senior leadership team of Totally Hemp Crazy is delighted to welcome all the distributors and hopes that they will help increasing the sales of Rocky Mountain High products. According to Jerry Grisaffi, Founder, Totally Hemp Crazy, it’s great to see that distributors are showing interest in Rocky Mountain High.

The entire management team of Totally Hemp welcomes Mad Beez LLC, which will come up with Minneapolis-Saint Paul region in Minnesota in the near future. It will be operated under the solid leadership of Mark Miles. Minneapolis-Saint Paul is known as the Twin Cities and has more population than any other State.

When reporters contacted Mark Miles to know more about this announcement, he stated that it’s great to be a part of such a product that is so fresh and equipped with exuberant emotions. Customers are going crazy for these products, which is something the entire management team is excited about. It’s not the first time when Totally Hemp has witnessed something like that.

Previously, ‘Naked Juice’ generated the same kind of demand in the market and became very popular. If the initial numbers are taken into consideration, then the Rocky Mountain High infused products look set to break all the sales records that have been projected so far.

Apart from Miles, other distributors who will take care of Rocky Mountain High sales include Izzy Quintanilla of Hemp Global Products Inc., Joe Radcliff of The Epic Group and Prajwal Bohara of 4orth Enterprises.