Hangover Joe’s Holding Corp (OTCMKTS:HJOE) keeps its toes up when it comes to expansion in the global market. As per the reports, it is looking forward to launching Hangover Shot in Asian markets such as Japan, Korea and China. In this series, it has received a purchase order and a deposit from Cure Korea.

The senior management of the company is excited to announce this news. According to Matthew Veal, Chief Executive Officer, Hangover Joe’s, it’s one step forward towards achieving company’s long-term and short-term objectives. The company had been trying since 2013 to launch Hangover Recovery Shot in the Asian market without any success, but the situation has completely changed now.

Why Hangover Joe’s Couldn’t Enter Into Asian Market:

Reports claim that South Korean Government and FDA are very strict about accepting Dietary supplements in the country. Hangover Joe’s tried its best to convince the government of Korea, but couldn’t get any success in the last couple of years.

Its association with Cure Korea has done a wonderful job in this situation. Two reasons that have played a key role in Hangover Joe’s achievement are — support from South Koreans and hard work of its beverage scientists. Hangover Joe’s claims that its scientists have spent ample time testing and formulating the latest trends to develop its flagship hangover recovery shot. It’s very effective and uses a special type of delivery system which works well on the human body. The company believes that it’s the best product that could be made available in China, Japan, and Korean markets.

It’s different and advance from Hangover Joe’s offering in USA, which is why Cure Korea is happy with the progress that it has shown in terms of hangover recovery shot. Hangover Joe’s wants to put its entire focus on opting for innovative ways to sell the product in the market. The company is confident that it will set new sales records in Asian markets in the coming months.