Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) disclosed that it will be featuring its hemp-based cosmeceutical range of products and hemp nutraceutical line at the upcoming Holistic Living Expo on May 24, 2015 produced through New Earth Events. It is the fourth event in total of eleven events being sponsored by Hemp.

The significance

Bruce Perlowin, the CEO said that as one of the major sponsors, the company has been able to demonstrate and sell its products to different set of cultural groups, generating revenue for the company. The alliance with New Earth Events helps Hemp to focus on environmentalism and personal empowerment as they bring unique events to the growing industry. The company’s experience coupled with more than thirty-four years of New Earth Events experience of producing shows creates enormous value for hemp industry and participants.

The event

The fourth event scheduled in Sacramento is expected to attract over hundreds of attendees to hear expert orators such as Dr. Eve Allen, Angela Lynne Gibson, Hugo Garcia, Merly Shwetzer, Jill Averett, Rev. Kathleen L. Dixon, to name a few speak. Also, there will be sample services and products from exhibitors including Fusion Wellness, Norwex; Share International, HempZone to name a few.

The highlight

Last week, Hemp also sponsored the Holistic Living Expo held in Stockton. It was planned as a joint venture between New School Aikido and New Earth Events. The event attracted over hundreds of attendees. The upcoming expo offers the perfect platform for “Cultural Creatives” from different segments to come together and learn, enjoy and co-create successful ventures. The common platform helps them to facilitate commerce, and support each other towards increased consciousness in solving the most important human rights, social and environmental issues. The Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp definitely belong to the ‘Cultural Creatives’ movement.

IN last trading session, the stock price of Hemp declined more than 2% to close the trading session at $0.0190.