Imagination TV Inc (OTCMKTS:IMTV) confirmed that it commenced airing-on demand on Comcast in the Atlanta , encompassing the main cities and metropolitan regions of Atlanta. The Atlanta DMS is a prime cable television programming location and metro Atlanta is called as the ninth-largest media market in the U.S. with over 2 million TV homes. Imagination TV commended the service back In March indicating it is far ahead of schedule.

The announcement

In February, Imagination TV announced its exclusive deal with SimplyMe for countrywide distribution of Personal Improvement content on several platforms including cable, satellite, Internet, mobile, television, set-top-boxes and IPTV platforms. SimplyMe belongs to the list of the U.S. largest media and channel distributors with more than 90,000 hours of media under management.

The deal

Under the deal, SimplyMe works with its providers networks to place Imagination TV shows on demand platforms including DISH Hopper, DISH Network VOD, Verizon FiOS, XBOX, TiVo, Roku, Apple TV, Comcast Xfinity VOD, and Verizon Wireless. The on-demand shows are facilitated by ads throughout the shows. Through new association, SimplyMe will cove distribution shares and costs in the ad revenues with Imagination TV.

The expert speaks

SimplyMe Distribution’s CEO Krystol Cameron said that they are quite thrilled to get an opportunity to associate with Imagination TV and get involved with a great niche of programming. Both ad agencies and cable providers see it as a promising future financially. The management is poised to introduce Imagination TV on a large scale. The Atlanta TV market is the first initiative into growing Imagination TV’s on-demand market across the United States.

In last trading session, the stock price of IMTV surged more than 57% to close the trading session at $0.00030. The gains came at a share volume of 284.64 million compared to an average share volume of 9.05 million.