ITonis Inc (OTCMKTS:ITNS) reported that it finalized an agreement under which it will provide marketing and public relation services for company’s Emesyl product. It will cover 10,000 commercial spots ranging for thirty seconds. They will be placed in selected regional areas on the popular cable TV networks available. As per the report, the available networks for airing selection choice covers FX, TNT, TLC, CMT, SyFy, MTV, BET, HLN, USA, ESPN2, Travel Channel, TV Land, Nickelodeon, A&E, Comedy Central, TBS, Lifetime, A&E, Discovery Channel, SPIKE, AMC and ESPN, CNN, Fox News and many more.

The details

The deal offers ITonis with international and national exposure as it makes use of online platform. It will stream and highlight a live broadcast of expert views on several websites yet to be announced. Mark Cheung, the CEO said that the new deal is the next step towards creating branding and retail sales for its product Emesyl.

The studio production of the planned commercial is expected to commence soon. The management will provide further updates on the deal as the development work progresses. Cheung further said that it is a major start into the world of television media that is distinct from Hensley Brothers Distributions’ initiatives in its distribution channels.

The profile

ITonis Inc (OTCMKTS:ITNS) was established in 2005 and has its office based in California. Its main focus area is the distribution of unique products to the medical and pharmaceutical markets. It holds a licensing deal with MyECheck Inc under which it can use its proprietary mobile payment application and split transaction revenue fees for PoP payments.

In last trading session, the stock price of ITonis declined more than 5% to close the trading session at $0.00750. The decline came at a share volume of 17.15 million compared to average share volume of 1.05 million. The market cap stands at 7.35 million.