mCig Inc (OTCMKTS:MCIG) provided a roadmap of services and products available through its recently created Extractions segment. It is currently working on mCig “SuperCritical CO2” processing division and also intends to meet the specific needs of the emerging recreational marijuana and medical marijuana processors and marketers.

The buzz

Mike Snody who is the Chief Research and Development Officer has extensive experience in the extraction segment through his long tenure of 25 years with Exxon Co. USA. He worked on various projects including building refineries, offshore platforms, pressure vessels and pipelines throughout the US, Japan, Russia and Mexico.

The team

mCig assembled a team of skilled technicians, nuclear qualified welders, veterans engineers and industry experts. The company will develop, make, and sell commercial scale, industrial-grade and high performance SuperCritical CO2 extractors. They use CO2 as a solvent, as it is non-toxic and non-flammable, reducing negative environmental impacts and addressing safety concerns linked to hydrocarbon-based extractions.

The functions

Snody’s Extraction segment will operate via Addax SuperCritical, which intends on releasing CO2 extractors. Also, they will be diversifying into wide range of fractionation, custom vessels, hydrocarbon-based extractors and hybrid extractors. mCig wants to unite the Engineering, Construction and Extraction segment to integrate custom-built extractors. They will fulfill the demands of customers by achieving safety and cleanliness protocols. They will operate within federal and state guidelines applicable on other industries functioning in same spaces.

The expert speaks

Mr. Snody said that oil and gas industry played a crucial role in the development of this technology. He is well aware about the pros and cons of the technology and proud to use his expertise in the growing cannabis market along with other applications like food flavor extractions, lab testing, and many more.

In last trading session, the share price of mCig declined 0.67% to close the trading session at $0.0595.