Stuart W. Titus, the CEO of Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) issued a letter to the shareholders. He termed the company as a firm of firsts as Medical Marijuana was the first publicly held entity vested in the industrial hemp and marijuana space in the U.S. Though CBD-infused products have been offered and sold as supplements and food for generations, the company became the first to launch a standardized manufacturing product pipeline. It was also the first international and national distribution company fully concentrated on this industry. The company ships its products to more than 45 countries.

The product

Medical Marijuana CEO further added that the company developed the first CBD-rich hemp oil vaporizer offering known as HempVAP. It recorded considerable success in the market. Till this time, the Company has developed more than 150 innovative products.

The direct investments have resulted to the patent of CBD-chewing gum. It was first developed as a food and now takes pharmaceutical formulation, which is on its way of clinical drug development in Europe. Medical Marijuana launched unique cannabinoid oral care line as well as hemp-based anti-aging CBD skin care line products.

The highlights

Medical Marijuana stated that KannaLife Sciences Inc., its portfolio investment company was the first biotech firm to get licenses from the NIH to develop the therapeutic usage of cannabinoids. To date, the firm has received one non-exclusive license and one exclusive license from the NIH.

Mr. Titus further added that Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) was the first public firm to offer management services to the marijuana industry through Wellness Managed Services subsidiary. The division is known for its dedicated security and risk mitigation services to the companies in the cannabis industry. These “Firsts” represents the strength that the company possesses in cannabis market. The company also gained support from overall industry development as hundreds of articles were released worldwide to highlight the significance of medical marijuana in treating several debilitating diseases.