With an objective to expand its products and services in Israel, NOHO Inc (OTCMKTS:DRNK) has decided to partner with a subsidiary of Wissotzky Tea called A.R. Artemis Import and Distribution, Inc. NOHO Inc. looks forward to launching NOHO beverage products in Israel with the help of the A.R. Artemis Import. Wissotzky Tea is located in Israel with overseas offices in United States of America and London.

Excellent Intra Country Network of Wissotzky:

The senior management of NOHO Inc is delighted to have entered into this partnership. According to Jay Grdina, Chief Executive Officer, NOHO Inc., Israel is one of the leading markets for the NOHO beverage products. It’s been more than a year since NOHO Inc. started putting efforts to find a partner that could help it exploring the Israel market. NOHO Inc. is delighted to have A.R. Artemis Import as its distribution partner in Israel. A.R. Artemis Import puts in a lot of efforts on marketing and sales activities; hence, their support will help NOHO Inc. grow exponentially.

He further added that this distribution agreement would work as an immediate revenue driver for the company. The total estimated revenues are expected to be around $1.3 million over the life of the agreement. NOHO beverage products have got an excellent response in the domestic market, and the company is confident that they will do the same in the Israel market as well.

The company makes available its products in two categories i.e. functional lifestyle and premium categories. The domestic sales of the company revolve around ‘NOHO Gold’ and ‘The Hangover Defense.’ They are generally available at bars, nightclubs, restaurants, etc.

People in United States and other developed markets have loved these products, and the management is confident of their success in Israel as well. Oren Rauch, CEO, A.R. Artemis Import and Distribution, anticipates having these products in people’s hands before the summer time.