The leading healthcare company, Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH), has decided to appoint Maxim Group LLC as its new strategic advisor. The primary duty of Maxim Group will be to assist Propanc Health Group in making various financial decisions concerning creating shareholders’ value.

A Fitting Decision At The Right Time:

Propanc is a developing healthcare company whose primary focus is to develop proprietary and new treatments for the patients suffering from cancer. Its decision to retain Maxim Group as its strategic advisor seems a fitting decision in the given market conditions which are very critical at the moment. Maxim is one of the most sought after clients in the investment banking domain. Apart from investment banking domain, it also provides world-class services in investment management and securities.

As per the reports, Maxim will also look after all the major tasks of Propanc Health Group including all the formalities required to pursue a listing of its common stock on a national stock exchange. The senior management team of Propanc is delighted to announce this news. According to James Nathanielsz, Chief Executive Officer, Propanc Health Group, it’s good to engage with an investment banking client like Maxim to carry out financial activities of Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH).

He further adds that the association with Maxim will ensure not only errorless transactions, but also a fast track growth that is essential to fulfilling company’s vision. The management team of Propanc Health Group is excited to work closely with the Maxim Group. The leadership team of Maxim Group is equally excited to work with Propanc. According to Karl Brenza, Head of the Capital Growth Advisory Group, Maxim Group, the Maxim Group looks forward to helping Propanc Group in creating value for its shareholders.

Both the companies make a strong and experienced team, thus, capable of achieving set targets within the given market conditions.