Stevia First Corp (OTCMKTS:STVF) has filed its 6th patent, this time targeting sleeping disorders. The company focuses on international farm management and healthcare. Stevia Corp. has also been making quite a few moves towards acquiring partnerships with various organizations, the latest being UN Global Compact. The UNGC is a policy initiative that calls for companies to align their operations with 10 principles concerning human rights, labor and anti-corruption.

Stevia Corp. has come up with a cannabinol, combined with melatonin and valerian root, to help treat the disorders. The company estimates the market for sleep disorder drugs to have 50-million consumers. Most sufferers look towards short-term solutions for these disorders, which come with side effects.

Stevia Corp. plans to make use of cannabinol’s sedative effects to treat the problem. The combination of melatonin is to make sure that the problem is treated for a long-term. Melatonin is already present in our bodies and governs our sleep cycles. It is the deficiency of melatonin that can cause lack of sleep. The Valerian root has been added for its herbal medicinal properties. The root is known to be used for the treatment of anxiety and depression.

Stevia Corp’s recent addition to the UNGC is a move towards sustainable development and implementation. The company revealed that its business model is already, somewhat, aligned with the UNGC principals. Stevia Corp. targets negative health trends, where mainstream products are unsustainable both from a public and environmental point of view. The company plans to change this, by providing healthy and all natural medications. Stevia Corp. has recently been working towards using the stevia plant’s sweetness as an alternate to sugar for diabetes patients.

Stevia Corp. has been growing at an increasingly fast pace. The company’s 6th patent was filed after less than 5-months of its first. It may seem as though the company has quite a few products that it plans to bring into the market very soon.

Stevia First Corp (OTCMKTS:STVF) closed at $0.170, after losing 17.07% on May 22. The company has 72.93 million shares being traded in the market, with a 52-week range of $0.14-$0.48.