TOTALLY HEMP CRAZY (OTCMKTS:THCZ) disclosed that four new distributors have joined its Rocky Mountain High beverage distribution team. Jerry Grisaffi, the Founder said that the management welcomes Mad Beez LLC as it becomes a part of distribution team. It will target the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region led by Mark Miles. The region is popularly termed as the Twin Cities and possesses the highest population in the State.

The expert view

Expressing his views on new role, Miles said that they are thrilled to once again be base to launch a fresh new product that brings out such lively emotions. The group has experienced jus experience before via Naked Juice. The founding members of Mad Beez were a part of the group that developed Naked Juice brand. The distribution team stated that test marketing on existing distribution platform indicates that Totally Hemp Rocky Mountain High Hemp drinks will exceed all of estimated sales expectations.

The management call

Grisaffi said that Hemp Global Products Inc. is assigned with Grand Rapids, Michigan region. It is the second largest town in the State with urban population of more than a million people. Hemp Global’s CEO Izzy Quintanilla has earlier distributed hemp drinks in Michigan. It is the same state that has had a MMP since 2008. It belongs to list of the first states to implement Medical Marijuana laws.

The other distributors

TOTALLY HEMP CRAZY (OTCMKTS:THCZ) announced that the third distributor is The Epic Group based in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Joe Radcliff of The Epic Group is excited with the new association. The fourth and last distribution firm is 4orth Enterprises in Fort Worth. The firm has already received products and started with distribution of Rocky Mountain High to retail stores in the region. The addition of for new distributors for Rocky Mountain beverages will help Totally Hemp to expand its reach in new markets.