TOTALLY HEMP CRAZY (OTCMKTS:THCZ) has been chosen to be featured on a national radio show “Your Monies Worth”. The company CEO, Tom Shuman, and founder, Jerry Grisaffi, have been chosen for the interview. THCZ has been keeping itself a lot in the media lately, which might have been the reason for the radio’s attention. The company celebrated world cannabis week in Colorado, like many of its counterparts, but during the celebration THCZ held a 12-hour sale of its hemp-infused beverage on

The sale was a part of a test run of “Rocky Mountain High Hemp” beverage. The company had produced 4,100 cases, which sold out in less than three hours. THCZ has a mission to become the top hemp beverage company in the world. The sales of the energy drink have been assisted by educating people of health benefits of hemp seeds. Compared to its counterparts, Rocky Mountain is all natural and as per reviews has a better taste too.

THCZ has also acquired a deal with Dr. Pepper bottling company, to distribute Rocky Mountain in Oklahoma. This is the company’s first deal in the state and might just pave the way for future prospective deals. On May 11, the company announced the production of a new batch of the drink, with 60,000 cases being produced this time. This is the company’s third batch for the drink and with the overwhelming response from the public; it seems that THCZ is looking at a profitable year ahead.

“Your Monies Worth” has been on-air for the past thirteen years and stays focused on interesting growth companies with unique potential. At the moment it seems that THCZ exactly fits the bill. The radio show and THCZ, both see Rocky Mountain as the next big thing. The company CEO took the opportunity to highlight his plans for growing the production capacity for the drink.