TOTALLY HEMP CRAZY (OTCMKTS:THCZ) started with its second production run of the latest Rocky Mountain beverages in last week of April. During the same time, the company also commenced the first production run of the Hemp Coconut Lime beverage. The Rocky Mountain is a high help-infused beverage while Hemp Coconut Lime beverage is a low calorie hemp beverage.

The details

The production run marked more than 150% increase in production compare to first production run. It can be largely attributed to brisk sales of beverages and a rapidly growing distribution base. Totally Hemp Crazy has set an objective of producing more than 1 million cans of hemp-infused drink products this quarter.

The World Cannabis Week celebrated on April 20 wherein Totally Hemp recorded a twelve hour sale of Rocky Mountain products on was a great success selling more than 500 cases. It indicates a 300% jump in sales over the first sales program carried out on Amazon.

The expert comments

Jerry Grisaffi, the founder of Totally Hemp Crazy, said that the company expects to start with one more production run in this quarter. Also, in the coming months, the management intends to launch a complete line-up of innovative products that will extend beyond drinks. The new low calorie hemp drink termed as Hemp Coconut Lime is delicious and contains just fifteen calories.

It is an ideal product for health conscious customers. It will broaden the appeal to both women and men and will act as health conscious product within in the target demographic group. The mission of Totally Hemp is to identify the hemp industry innovators and leverage its team of professionals to find, assess and acquire value-added products and companies.

 In last trading session, the stock price of THCZ consolidated to close the trading session at $0.227. The share volume was 2.01 million compared to average share volume of 18.52 million.