With an objective to provide drone technology, Valmie Resources Inc (OTCBB:VMRI) has signed a memorandum of association with a well-known rescue and search organization. As per the reports, it wants to take the support of this search organization to develop and deploy a yet-to-be-named aerial vehicle technology. It is supposed to be used in humanitarian applications by Valmie Resources.

What’s The After-Effects of Collaboration:

As soon as Valmie Resources signed the MoU, it joined a world-wide community of the organizations that have UAV (unnamed aerial vehicle) technology to help SAR (search and rescue) organizations. UAVs support SAR missions in every possible way. No matter if a child has lost, or criminals have escaped, or victims need to be found in the case of an earthquake, UAVs are there to support SAR organizations.

In California, a drone hobbyist who played an important role in locating a senior in 2014 is working towards building a worldwide SAR support group of skilled drone pilots called SWARM or Search with Aerial Multirotor. So far, over 1,100 pilots have registered themselves in this group that is spread across nearly 50 nations.

The management of Valmie is delighted to have signed this MoU. According to Gerald B. Hammack, CEO and President, Valmie, UAVs have amazing potential to support SAR organizations all over the world. Valmie has been continuously achieving its growth targets for a long time, and this new initiative is a humanitarian addition to its technology. UAVs can have an excellent impact on the agriculture sector, and they are capable of doing the same in the humanitarian sector as well.

The agriculture sector is one of the focus areas for Valmie, and with the usage of UAVs in this sector, the company plans to revolutionize it shortly. It recently entered into an agreement with a global crop monitor and will make available its drone technology for the company’s clients based across South and Central America.