Arcis Resources Corp (OTCMKTS:ARCS) announced that it is working on a unique hemp-infused coffee bean. The company aims to mix Colombian coffee beans with hemp seeds to manufacture a coffee, but without the bitter after taste. To keep the planned product healthy, Arcis has announced to include Omega3 acids, which keep the immune system healthy and promote heart and brain health. The hemp in these drinks would be in the form of hemp infused seed oil.

The rising popularity and increased awareness about the health benefits of the hemp seed, has attracted a lot of attention from a number of companies. Arcis is amongst those companies which are reassessing their goals, so as to take benefit from the hemp industry. The company is originally a technology solutions provider and focuses specifically on social media, web and mobile apps. Arcis designs directory portals for businesses, resulting in business growth and revenue.

Chris Margait, the CEO of ARCS, defended his company’s change of direction stating that they are excited about moving into a multi-million dollar market. He pointed out the range of products, which are now increasingly utilizing hemp as an ingredient. He believes that as the demand and range of products using hemp seeds increases, his company should experience growth with it.

However, coming back to its own industry, Arcis has also developed an iPhone and Android app for pot smokers. They would be able to snap and upload pictures of themselves, IM them to their friends and comment on each other’s photos. Additionally, the app would be linked to the phone’s GPS so you can geo-tag the pictures as well. The CEO believes that the app would quickly become popular amongst pot smokers. However, as far as the hemp infused coffee beans are concerned, the company might be planning to start a subsidiary with a new goal, which would make more sense than to market a hemp product on their own.

Arcis Resources Corp (OTCMKTS:ARCS) closed at $0.005, after trading 1.19 million shares during the June 26 session, after registering a decline of 28.21% in share price.