Bayside Corp (OTCMKTS:BYSD) reported through its subsidiary firm Bitcoinz USA, the introduction of Vault 52, which is an offline storage system targeting institutional Bitcoin clients. In addition, the sale of Vault 52 and Bitcoin is now available to enrolled institutional users on the Bayside’s current website.

The highlights

The presentation of Vault 52 was planned on after Bitcoinz USA registered more than three million dollars in Vault 51 and Bitcoin gross sales in its second quarter of the fiscal. Bayside’s sales growth was encouraged by its sales expansion of Vault 51 and Bitcoin into more than thirty-five nations thus far in 2015 versus one nation just a year ago. JW Walker, the President of Bitcoinz USA, said that Vault 52 restructures the demand for company’s secure storage, sale and service of Bitcoin for institutional clients.

The two vaults

The two vaults, Vault 51 and 52 are operated by Bayside Corp’s subsidiary firm Bitcoinz USA. Vault 51 can be stated as an offline storage solution for retail Bitcoin customers which is displayed by a copper Physical Bitcoin. On the other hand, Vault 52 is also an offline secure storage but it is meant for institutional Bitcoin customers and is signified by silver Physical Bitcoin. The company manages a number of subsidiary firms engaged in different business industries and sectors.

The buzz

In unrelated news, Bayside Corp (OTCMKTS:BYSD) reported interim gross sales revenue from its Hong Kong sale of Vault 51 and Bitcoin. The company through its subsidiary unit Bitcoinz USA started the sale of Bitcoin and Vault 51 in Hong Kong in March 2015. Since then the company generated gross sales revenue of more than $250,000. The sale of Vault 51 and Bitcoin to institutional clients worked as a catalyst for strong sales in the region. It plans to make Vault 51 and Bitcoin available to clients all across China via independent operators in the coming period.