Cellceutix Corp (OTCMKTS:CTIX) a revolutionary clinical stage BioPharma company working on novel therapies with antibiotic, dermatology, anti-inflammatory and oncology applications highlighted outcome of demonstration of certain clinical findings at the ASCO meeting in Chicago.

The highlights

Cellceutix’s poster detailed about underway Phase-I clinical trial to assess the first round efficacy and safety of Kevetrin as a single-dose or monotherapy for people suffering with severe solid tumors. The trial reflected the safety of Kevetrin over repeated cycles. It recorded an increase in p21 expression in many of the patients suffering with cancers. Overall data indicates that Kevetrin may become a viable and effective therapy for patients suffering with ovarian and gynecological cancers.

The experts

The poster was seen by a large number of academia and industry experts, including representative of pharmaceutical firms, opinion leaders, pioneering universities, international cancer scientists and other related organizations inclined to get additional information about Kevetrin and how it acts upon p53.

The future plans

Cellceutix is working to develop Kevetrin as a monotherapy following its pioneering mechanism of action to aid restore p53 function. The prime goal of the treatment is to encourage the natural reactions of planned cell death, or apoptosis, and also cell cycle arrest. As of now, the therapy highlights a favorable pharmacokinetic as well as safety profile. It marks as a strong candidate as a prospective stand-alone treatment and also along with other therapies particularly immunotherapies.

The expert views

Dr. Krishna Menon, the CSO of Cellceutix Corp (OTCMKTS:CTIX), informed that the poster at ASCO was successful to get high interest as experts were inclined to know more about Kevetrin. The data indicated that Kevetrin can restore p53 with restricted toxicity as a major cure for cancer. While the structure of the key study and ASCO rules prohibited company from announcing certain information, the experts at meeting took note of the patients enrolled in the trial.