The stock price of COASTAL INTGRTD SVCS (OTCMKTS:COLV) has declined below $0.050 from $0.100 in a matter of few trading sessions. It appears that the stock will continue with its downtrend even in today’s trading session.

The momentum

The stock price of COASTAL INTGRTD is sitting almost 50% below the pre-pump level of $0.10. The extended promotional campaign run by the StockTips is about to end. Back on Wednesday, the fictional co-writer of the outfit, Mike Statler sent another alert claiming that he is super confident in company’s ability to become super green.

This appears just to be a boastful statement and the people who believed the claim and invested the money would now struggle to recover their losses. The outfit doesn’t have a impressive record. Most of the stocks covered by the company have eroded 90% of their market value after the end of the pump.

The performance

COASTAL INTGRTD green session earlier in month can be attributed to the artificial hype created by outfit. In absence of it, the company would have failed to get the attention of investors. The reason is dismal financial performance as evident from the report for 1Q2015.

The report highlights that the company’s total assets including cash reserve came at $794. The total current liabilities were no less than $256,000. It was a zero revenue quarter while net loss was $19,000.

The future ahead

The report clearly indicates that there is no base which can drive the share price up on the charts. After the end of pump, the interest in COASTAL INTGRTD SVCS (OTCMKTS:COLV) could quickly dissipate and its stock could tumble back and become an extremely illiquid stock.

Prior to the pump, the stock recorded minimal trading at best with a few trading sessions actually ending without a single traded share. The message is clear- the investors who got trapped in last one month may find it hard to recoup their losses.