Cocrystal Pharma Inc (OTCBB:COCP) has announced that it would be attending Jefferies 2015, Global Healthcare Conference. The company’s interim CEO, Jeffery Meckler, would be representing the company and provide updates on the company’s workings. Additionally, the company also filed its 10-Q, reporting increased focus towards R&D, to push its drugs through regulatory approvals and begin the clinical studies.

COCP has developed a lead candidate for the trials, Nuc, which is focused on targeting Noro RNA-reliant polymerase. The company focuses on medications targeting viral diseases. Additionally, in the 10-Q the company reported $27,000 in grant revenues as part of its association with the University of Mississippi. At the moment, the majority of company expenses have been for the compensation of officials involved in the R&D projects. The remainder of the expenses was spent on the Scientific Advisory Board and costs of lab services, supplies and facilities.

COCP also indicated that these expenses are likely to surge in the coming quarters, as the company looks towards pre-clinical operations. The 10-Q stated R&D expenses to stand at $1.56 million, while just $967,000 had been spent on R&D for the same period previous year. The rise has been associated mostly with the increased personnel, due to the merger with RFS Pharma and as well as pre-clinical development for Nuc.

Cocrystal announced that any of the shareholders unable to attend the conference can listen to the live webcast or view the replay on the company website, after the conclusion of the conference. The company has employed the services of Nobel Prize winners to come up with anti-viral drugs that are safe and effective. Nuc, although the lead drug, is not the only compound the company has to offer at the moment. COCP also boasts a number of compounds that have shown effectiveness against hepatitis and noroviruses. Most of the investor base of the company is comprised of major companies that have invested in Cocrystal.

Cocrystal Pharma Inc (OTCBB:COCP) rose by 5.43% on June 3 to close at $1.36, after trading 673.62 million shares.