Directview Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:DIRV) has been slowly losing its ground, after the company announced the installation of its security cameras at the Kennesaw facility in Florida. Since then, DIRV has been sitting silent, possibly working on its body camera, which is set for release in 3Q2015. Investors, however, have begun to flee from the company, with only the most patient ones waiting for the company’s next product.

Body cameras have been gaining significant attention, especially with the recent “rogue cop” incidents. There have been nationwide demands that the law enforcers should be equipped with body cameras, to monitor their daily activities and assess if they truly are delivering justice. Consequently, companies like Directview have been gaining significant attention. Although Directview does not have a working body camera out in the market yet, but it has made public plans to do so, with the specific purpose of surveillance of on-duty cops.

Directview is already amongst the leading providers of security cameras, but to focus on real-time surveillance of constantly moving officers, it needs more than just cameras. This is why the company has engaged xG Technology Inc, to provide wireless communication capabilities to their wearable cameras. xG is well known for providing secure and quality wireless communication services. So in the 3Q2015, investors can expect the two companies to deliver a body camera, with integrated wireless communication capabilities, a perfect fit for on-duty cop surveillance.

Additionally, Directview and xG Technology would want to get the body camera linked with nearby police departments, where the live feed can be monitored. Although the two companies together are targeting the law enforcement agencies, Directview expects to expand the usage of its product in a variety of industries, including real estate, education and even personal security. It is important to note here that Directview is the only OTC company to be in the spotlight for body cameras and compete with those from NASDAQ and NYSE listings.

Directview Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:DIRV) saw 232.28 million shares be traded in yesterday’s session, reporting a $0.0002 increase in the stock value to close at $0.0075.