EMS Find Inc (OTCMKTS:EMSF) has found itself in the midst of a promotional controversy. The company’s stock has been receiving significant attention, amid mails and brochures being circulated by the Moskovitz Report. The pump includes a disclaimer identifying Tabius Sway Media as the investor for the pump. The company on the other hand denied any associations with the mails and brochures and warned that the third party is not associated with the company in any way.

EMS Find CEO, Steve Rubakh, stated that EMSF management has been gravely concerned about the promotional material being circulated. He identified the promotion as unauthorized stated that his company never tries to influence market opinion through paid promotions. The Moskovitz Report, however, argues that it has received $1.2 million in funding for the promotion. The report itself sets a target price for EMSF at $12, but the pump has so far proven to be ineffective.

Additionally, the Moskovitz Report has a history of bad promotions, it tends to give company’s overly valued target prices, which then backfires resulting in the pumped company to actually crash further. However, being a fairly new company that is preparing for the launch of its first and only product, a pump does not go in favor of EMSF. Consequently, this has resulted in a lot of negative reviews by analysts for the company. It is important to note here that Tabius Sway holds $36 million worth stake in the company.

At the moment EMSF has been declining any part of its share holders in these promotions, but the lies are yet to be separated from the truth. However, looking at the promoter’s history it does not seem like a very wise choise by Tabius Sway. They would lose more value through this pump than they can hope to earn.

EMS Find Inc (OTCMKTS:EMSF) trading 28.52 million shares during the June 18 session to close at $1.32, after recording a 10.81% decline in share value.