FBEC Worldwide Inc (OTCMKTS:FBEC) a beverage firm with intellectual property formulas for the production of beverages including H.E.M.P.™ energy shots reported that it will be introducing new hemp-based energy shot branded and endorsed by one of the leading names in the cannabis industry, “The Wolf of Weed Street.”

The details

WolfShot has got a proprietary mix of herbal ingredients such as hemp-infused natural fruit extracts, caffeine, probiotics and amino acids. Typical caffeinated beverages and energy drinks can result in high blood sugar and increased stress levels. It can even become a cause of weight gain as fat cells metabolize after consumption of caffeine. The new formula is protected from being copied in any form.

The plans

FBEC Worldwide will be distributing a limited number of free samples of the new hemp shot until it is officially sent for retail distribution in August. The Company will give necessary details on distribution and availability locations later on. Meanwhile the customers can try the free samples. They can get the necessary information on free samples on the official websites of FBEC Worldwide and The Wolf of Weed Street.

The expert comments

Jason Spatafora of the Wolf of Weed Street said that the new hemp infused shot the “WolfShot” is formulated for two main reasons. First there are particular demographics probably residing in Colorado that could gain, and the second is easy availability to the hemp-based energy shots. The Wolf of Weed Street and FBEC Worldwide are delighted to have developed a shot that is the first of its kind. It features proprietary blend exclusive to FBEC Worldwide.

In last trading session, the stock price of FBEC gained more than 36% to close the trading session at $0.128. The gains came at a share volume of $1.13 million compared to average share volume of 559,711.