FutureWorld Corp (OTCMKTS:FWDG) announced that its subsidiary, Hemp Tech Corp, has introduced the Spider II line of security products. The product line is targeted at identifying and getting rid of intruders on indoor and outdoor cannabis growing facilities. The system operates in real-time and is an upgraded version of the Infrax Spider systems. Additionally, the company also announced the release of dividend from another of its subsidiary, Future Land Corp.

The welcome news of a dividend was accompanied by encouraging news from FWDG. Future World stated that it would increase the dividend rate from 250-shares of FWDG for 1-share of FUTL. The eligible shareholders will get $0.08 non-cash dividend in FUTL for every FWDG share. Since FutureWorld is still awaiting SEC approval, the shares would be kept restricted, but would be transferred to the concerned shareholders accounts. Additionally, the company stated that this is only an initial offering and the company might repeat the process in the coming period.

The intrusion system makes use of a range of services such as an active fence system, HD infrared cameras and motion detectors, among others. Hemp Tech plans to provide every grower with a customized security package. The system has been designed to make use of 3-levels identify and deal with intruders. The first level makes use of a coaxial electric cable. Any disturbance on these cables will trigger an alarm. A wireless microwave system is available for facilities where wired fences are not available.

The second level makes use of microwaves to detect any movement in corridors. If an alarm is triggered from the corridor, you can be sure that the first alarm was not a hoax. The final level makes use of visual input to identify the intruder, so you can decide on the course of action.

FutureWorld Corp (OTCMKTS:FWDG) lost $0.0004 from its share value during the June 16 session. The stock saw a total of 453.97 million shares change hands to finally reach a close of $0.001.