Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) has been catching a lot of media attention lately. The company hosted the Hemp History Week through June 7. Later the company CEO, Bruce Perlowin, was interviewed by Voice America’s “Up Close with Chris Tinney”.

The hemp plant is increasingly being viewed as an alternate to conventional chemical medications. This is why the theme for this year was to renew strong support for growing hemp in the US. Hemp Inc took part in the festivities by offering discounts on its hemp infused products. The discounts were valued up to 60% on all products. The CEO of the company stated that the industry has come a long way, getting hemp products legalized in more than 24 states. He titled this change as returning to the basics. He even clarified that the crop is sustainable, versatile and profitable.

Additionally, the company CEO was called on the Voice of America to talk on the changing landscape of the hemp industry. The talk also included how Hemp Inc is working towards educating people that hemp can save the planet. On the show, Mr. Perlowin stated that the hemp plant is very diverse and hence has a number of opportunities to offer. He went on to term the legalization of hemp as the winning of a war and now the industrialists and the governments are working on the terms of surrender. Mr. Perlowin stated that his company was leading the way for investors and consumers with its one of a kind decortications plant. Unfortunately, the plant is in North Carolina and cannot begin operations until the state legalizes the plant. Currently, Hemp Inc is working on increasing awareness about hemp and hemp products, by hosting a number of hemp related events and expos.

Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) experienced a huge trading session, with 10.17 million shares changing hands, but with no change in the share price at the end of June 22 session. The stock closed at $0.014.