Penveu®, Interphase Corporation (NASDAQ:INPH) business reported that the new HDMI® versions of the award-winning penveu® interactive display application have started shipping. These versions feature HDMI output and input in addition to VGA, which makes it easy to connect to various forms of audiovisual equipment and in complex audiovisual environments.

The advancements

Interphase reported that the new system being introduced with model offers numerous feature enhancements. The system incorporated latest advancements and made several noteworthy improvements compared to older version of penveu performance.

The latest product also provides support for Chromebook® computers. It is again a noteworthy achievement as Chromebook products are witnessing accelerated growth and adoption in the vast education market. The version 1.5 is made available as a free update for existing users of the previous penveu VGA models. The company said that they will notify the registered users about the latest developments.

The product

Penveu, developed and manufactured in the U.S, adds interactivity to flat panel displays and projectors while combating issues witnessed with other interactive education technology devices. It is a cost-effective handheld device that can be used from anyplace in the room. It can be used with existing content, displays, projectors and computer equipments.

It can work on flat non-reflective surfaces such as monitors, fabric screens, whiteboards, walls, HDTVs, etc. The device faces no problem when it attempts to save screen captures including notes. The mouse and pen features can be used accurately. The device can be used on all platforms including Android, Chrome, iOS, Mac and Windows.

The expert views

Yoram Solomon, Ph.D., the General Manager of Interphase’s Penveu, said that the latest launch is a significant step that distinguishes company’s capabilities from the existing shipping models. The new version has feature, hardware, and performance improvements and fulfills demand of new technology used in the classroom.

The shipment news has resulted in strong gains for Interphase Corporation (NASDAQ:INPH) stock as it was trading high with gains of over 60% in early trade.