Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH) has recently started receiving coverage from See Thru Equity and the latest report from See Thru revealed that the company is potentially targeting a $9 billion market with its lead drug. As per the report, PPCH is developing a long-term therapy for preventing tumors from recurring and also for prevention of metastasis. The latter is considered to amongst the top reasons for a cancer patient’s death.

PPCH is the developer of a novel pro-enzyme therapy that uses a PRP drug to target malignant cancer cells. Currently, the drug is in the animal trial stage, which is nearing completion. PPCH plans to proceed with the human trials in 2016, after which the drug would be ready to tap into the $9 billion market. The plan is a long-term one and the company would require finances to support its developments along the way. See Thru has set a 12-month share price target at $1.52.

Unfortunately, the PRP drug is the only product under development by PPCH and it is going to be a very long time before it hits the market. Fortunately, the company is also looking towards potential distribution partnerships and acquisitions, which should give is some finances to go ahead with product development. The acquisitions are also targeted at adding to the company’s portfolio, finally giving it some products to market.

PPCH’s new drug is the first of its kind, which can effectively deter cancer with a dose of once daily. The aim of the company with this drug is to provide a vaccine with no adverse effects. The drug is also being made capable to fight late stage cancers, where conventional treatments have a series of side effects. The demand for such a drug is on the rise, following the increase in number of cancer cases coming to light.

Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH) added $0.0056 to its value on May 4, after the company traded 334.92 million shares in the market to close at $0.0706.