Mind Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:VOIS) has been busy with developing a small brain computer interface for quite a long time. With just one product under development, the company has been facing a number of problems in the stock market. The Synapse, as it is known, is set to be world’s smallest BCI device. The company recently announced that product development is going ahead as planned. At the moment, the company is working on the 100 pre-order sales which have been open to the shareholders only.

Mind Solutions announced that the product would be available in the market by July 15th and would cost $129. For now, it can only be ordered through the company’s website. This is also the date when the pre-orders to shareholders close and orders for the general public are opened. The device would be able to sync with Android and Windows devices and would come with an instruction for downloading and watching the tutorial.

Once the product is in the market, Mind Solutions aims to focus its resources on developing thought controlled applications. Thankfully for the shareholders, the company has completed all the design and development related tasks and production is underway in China. The initial market for the product would be the US and India. Talks are underway to sell the BCI device through Amazon as well.

However, considering how young the industry for brain controlled devices is, investors are still having second thoughts about VOIS. The stock is stuck in sub-penny land and investors are mostly trying to sell their shares. Mind Solutions needs to develop a completely new and innovative marketing strategy, if it wants to prove these fears wrong. The people need to be educated that such technology exists and what benefits they can gain out of it. For now, the investors await VOIS to expand its portfolio.

Mind Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:VOIS) finished the June 11 session at a share value of just $0.001. The stock experienced a decline of 28.57%, after trading a whopping 2.32 billion shares.