Minerco Resources Inc (OTCMKTS:MINE) parent firm of Level 5 Beverage Company, Inc., reported its new product line, The Herbal Collection, is finalizing the R&D stage. The brand named as THC will initially introduce an assortment of ready to drink teas enriched with micellized Cannabidiol. After over a year of market research and several consultations with market experts and the scientific group, the company is positioning the new brand to use the prevailing gaps in respective segment and further improve THC brand with proven micellization technology.

The concept

Micelles can be defined as the atom sized stable collection of surfactant molecules, which appear unexpectedly in surfactant solutions. In simple terms, Micellization can be defined as the scientific procedure of coating a unit in a surfactant solution to get a higher potency at delivery.

The developments

Minerco Resources said that The Herbal Collection has concluded the formulation and packaging tasks of the first test product. The THC product lineup will be driven by a natural Green Tea with Honey drink, containing Cannabinoids in a micellized form. The field test will be performed in Southern California through company’s majority-owned distributor firm, Avanzar Sales and Distribution.

The expert comments

Scott Vanis, the Chairman and CEO of Minerco Resources Inc (OTCMKTS:MINE), said that after almost sixteen months of R&D tasks and consumer tests, the company have finalized enriched, high tech and innovative product line, known as The Herbal Collection. The management believes RTD teas combined with healthful cannabidiol and delicious flavor profile will establish a new standard in the industry of cannabis-infused products.

The time

The process of finalizing the company‚Äôs new The Herbal Collection brand took longer than anticipated due to the challenging science involved. However, the lengthy and time-consuming process has ensured the strategic and scientific placement of product in the market. It has enabled the team to record what works and what doesn’t goes well in this burgeoning category.