One World Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:OWOO) has been trying to position itself strategically for the upcoming holiday season. The company is the manufacturer of “The Prettie Girls dolls”, which are the brainchild of its CDO, McBride-Irby. The product has quickly become the flagship product from the company. OWOO recently received an order for the product from Amazon, adding another reputable name to its growing list of retailers. Additionally, the company hopes to add a number of retailers before the holiday season to maximize sales and profits.

McBride is well known in the toy industry for her work with Mattel as Project Designer. Her work with the One World doll project gained her even more attention, as her unique sets of doll designs were brought to the market. OWOO’s VP of Business Development, Trey Waldhauser, stated that his company has been experiencing tremendous growth in sales and the partnership with Amazon is just one in many partnerships planned for 2015. He further revealed that an order from Amazon, the largest online retailer, brings pure pride to the company.

OWOO has been growing exponentially and had reported a 532% increase in year-over-year revenue in its FY2014. The continuous addition of retailers to the company’s ever-growing list would result in further increase in revenues. The company CEO, Joanne Melton, stated that her company has been experiencing significant growth with respect to the Prettie Girls dolls and is set to break all previous records in the 2015 Christmas season.

However, a look at the company’s balance sheet makes one wonder where is all this increase being directed to. As per the latest OWOO filing, the company has $8,000 in cash, $739 in revenues and operational loss of $498,000. No wonder the company is still stuck in penny stocks, with these figures it is no surprise that investors tend to keep away from the stock.

One World Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:OWOO) finished the June 23 session after recording a gain of 5.06% to its share value to close at $0.0083, after trading 56.06 million shares.