Pazoo Inc (OTCMKTS:PZOO)’s CEO, David Cunic, has recently been interviewed by, the audio of the interview can be found at’s website. The interview had been focused on the company’s newly formed subsidiary Cannabis King Distribution. The new company would focus on marketing and sales of hemp products. At the moment the Cannabis King would cover the items used by the infusion companies, grow facilities and dispensaries.

In the interview Mr. Cunic stated that these are exciting times for his company, since they are opening multiple sources of revenue. He also stated that his company would take full advantage of these opportunities. Mr. Cunic also took the opportunity to provide a shareholder update on the developments of the company and what it has in store for the future.

The cannabis industry has been attracting a lot of interest from a number of companies in recent days, but Pazoo has been one of those companies that have got the most out of this emerging industry. Another one of the company’s subsidiaries, Harris Lee, recently gained rights to operate a cannabis testing lab in Colorado. The company aims to use the techniques and methodology from Steep Hill Labs to do so. Mr. Cunic, at the time of the announcement, had stated that the company aims to bring a healthy and safe supply of cannabis into the Colorado market. For this the company would need a technical team from around the Denver area, which it is in the process of hiring.

This is the Pazoo’s third lab, following two others in Nevada and Oregon, where Steep Hill techniques and methods are being utilized. The company gained rights to the testing methods after signing an agreement with Steep Hill. So far the response from growers has been encouraging; the growers seem to have faith in the technology and methods being used for quality assurance.

Pazoo Inc (OTCMKTS:PZOO) recorded a rise of a mere $0.0013, after trading 525.49 million shares during the June 9 session. The stock closed at a share price of $0.0104.