PURE HOSPITALITY SOL (OTCMKTS:PNOW) has filed various disclosures of 1Q2015 to OTC Markets. It’s the first time when the company has done this. As per the reports, the overall debt of Pure Hospitality came down by $1 million in the first quarter.

The current disclosures are evidence of company’s willingness to remain transparent with OTC Markets as well as its investors.

Management Call:

The senior leadership team of the company seemed very concerned about the filing and called it a stepping stone that would benefit the company in the coming days. According to Melvin Pereira, Chief Executive Officer & President, Pure Hospitality Solutions, this filing was valuable for the company in many aspects.

He further added it’s the first time when Pure Hospitality made some sense and was able to report several disclosures without any hassle. For those who haven’t gone through the disclosures of the previous quarter, Mr. Pereira states that they should have a look at previous quarter’s disclosures. It’s important to see where the company stood once, where it stands now and what potential it upholds to touch newer heights in the future.

One thing that it pretty clear from its disclosures, is that it has been successful in taking its multi-million dollar divestiture initiative to next level. Apart from that, the company has also cut down its debt by as much as $1 million in the most recent quarter. Pure Hospitality has made a tremendous progress over the last 12 months, and it has represented that growth in the best way possible with the help of these disclosures.

The company has added extra security to its investor relation page to maintain a high-level of transparency with all the investors. Pereira stated while announcing the disclosures that PURE HOSPITALITY SOL (OTCMKTS:PNOW) had set a few important goals in the previous year, and it successfully achieved them. It’s the perfect time to set new goals and achieve them within the given timelines.