Titan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TTNP), a leading pharmaceutical company focusing on the development of proprietary therapeutics to treat chronic diseases with the help of ProNeura, attends Bio International Convention.

ProNeura is a high-end drug delivery technology that can make the treatment of chronic diseases hassle-free. As per the initial reports made public by Titan Pharmaceuticals, President Sunil Bhonsle attended the BIO International Convention between June 16, 2015, and June 18, 2015. Mr. Bhonsle’s presentation was held at in Theater 3 at 4.15 pm on June 16.

Insights On Matter:

While making the presentation, Mr. Bhonsle reviewed the topline results of Probuphine’s Phase 3 trial. Probuphine could be used for opioid dependence’s long-term maintenance treatment. Reports claim that the trial executed by Titan Pharmaceuticals met both primary and secondary objectives and endpoints. These results have prompted the company to resubmit the new drug application by the end of the current year.

Apart from chronic disease, Titan Pharmaceuticals is also focusing on the treatment of Parkinson’s disease with the help of ProNeura. Sunil Bhonsle threw some light on the development of proprietary therapeutic for Parkinson’s disease through ProNeura.

What’s Bio International Convention:

Bio International Convention is one of the largest and most sought after biotech meetings of the world. It attracts over 15,000 most powerful and leading pharma and biotech companies from 65 countries. Different individuals, business leaders, organizations and partnership firms take part in this event to explore various partnering, educational and networking opportunities for professional development.

To make sure that all the investors of the company have complete knowledge about its participation in Bio International Convention, it has put relevant information on its official website. Investors can browse the website and access the recording of the live webinar. Titan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TTNP) management feels that the experience of taking part in this event will help the company in the future.