The trading journey of TOTALLY HEMP CRAZY (OTCMKTS:THCZ) is nothing but volatile as the stock keeps on popping and dropping every other day. The company’s last trading session gave it a chance to pop up again in green territory. However, given the nature of pink sheet companies, it is difficult to project the real reason for the stock’s gain yesterday.

New Distributor

TOTALLY HEMP CRAZY (OTCMKTS:THCZ) kick started the week by announcing the addition of another distributor to its ever expanding distributors list. The company said that the number of its regional distributors is growing with each passing day. This time, it was the turn of Creager Merchandising from Denver, Colorado, which was being welcomed on the company’s distribution team. It is noteworthy that Creager was set up in 1958 to supply a range of stores including, Speciality stores, grocery stores, Gift Shops, Convenience Stores, Medical Marijuana dispensaries, Candy Shops and Restaurant and Hotels.

While joining TOTALLY HEMP CRAZY (OTCMKTS:THCZ), Creager’s General Manager, Larry Dubois said that they have received a positive response from their customers for Rocky Mountain High hemp drinks. He said that both sales and profit margins achieved for the beverage had surpassed their expectations. Dubois further added that the customers’ feedback has been encouraging, where its flavor and packaging holds an upper hand over other retail coolers.

Last month additions

The addition of Creager comes over and above the four new distributors introduced by the company last month. The company had welcomed Mad Beez LLC, Hemp Global Products Inc, The Epic Group and 4orth Enterprises on its distribution team. All the distributors had already shared the initial test results and had set high sales expectations for the company’s Rocky Mountain Hemp drink.

The stock of TOTALLY HEMP CRAZY (OTCMKTS:THCZ) closed 14.34% higher at $0.1635 during the previous trading session, while it reported a total volume of 6.83 million.