Gerald Hammack, the CEO and President of Valmie Resources Inc (OTCBB:VMRI) commented on new additional sources of funding and technical support and resources available to drone technology upcoming firms.

The details

Last week DJI which is the world’s largest consumer drone entity announced a joint initiative with Accel Partners to invest in new firms in the unmanned aerial vehicle ecosystem. This announcement was made on the same day Airware reported it had started a new venture fund for making investments in budding companies that are designing technologies vital to scaling the application of drones for a variety of commercial uses.

The significance

The CEO of Valmie said that these two innovative drone-focused funds will drive the industry forward, take firms out of early-stage production facilities and university labs, and fast-track growth in numerous sectors. He added that Airware and DJI will develop drone platforms and will ensure commercial clients have the technology they require to operate UAV’s within their relative sectors.

The growing field

Hammack stated that as the iPhone and Facebook served as a foundation for numerous new mobile and desktop apps, these two new funds will create the base for fast commercialization of innovative services and products for the UAV community. Therefore, it is the right time to develop services and create tools for commercial drones. There are going to be more and more number of commercial drones used in the future. In addition to funds, portfolios firms will receive access to a wide network of expert advisors to assist grow their operations and build industry relationships.

The profile

Valmie Resources Inc (OTCBB:VMRI) actively pursues available opportunities for the commercialization of innovative services and products in the rapidly growing technology industry. It looks for concepts with impressive business models well-positioned to make a noteworthy impact in technology field including software and hardware. The other sectors of technology segment are networking and semiconductors.