In last trading session, the stock price of COIN CITADEL (OTCMKTS:CCTL) surged more than 28% to close the trading session at $0.0018. There is no new PR or filings with the SEC that can justify such a sharp up move. However, there are some pump outfits that have been touting the company’s stock from quite some time.

The last time, COIN CITADEL issued a Press Release was back in January when the company stated that it installed its first Bitcoin ATM at the Woodland Hills. It was at the same time, the company updated on its strategy plans.

The buzz

During the last press release, Bill Schaefer, the CEO of COIN CITADEL expressed that the management is extremely thrilled to install the first Bitcoin vending machine at offices of CrowdGather which is a known social media and gaming entity in Los Angeles. The machine can be accessed by visitors looking to purchase Bitcoins from the firm.

Schaefer further added that they plan to arrange semi-regular meetings at main offices so as to develop ties with bitcoin startup firms and developers that COIN CITADEL intends to associate with.

The installation

The CEO said that installation of first machine highlights the official start of all major activities while the COIN CITADEL (OTCMKTS:CCTL) management prepare for the filings it needs to fulfill to get the MTB license. There is a plan to reopen its online exchange base known as Bitcoiner7 after the approval of applications.

The company has started acquiring other bitcoin assets like hard drives with corrupted Bitcoins. The prime goal is to utilize the Bitcoiner7 and the physical network of installed ATM sites to serve as the platform of all of planned initiatives. Meanwhile it will continue to seek opportunities that will permit the company to get a sizeable share in crypto currencies on behalf of shareholders.