NORTH AMERICAN CANNABIS HOLDINGS, INC (OTCMKTS:USMJ), previously known as Algae International Group Inc. (ALGA), has launched a new website to go with its new corporate name. The shift came as part of the company initiated plans to target the legal cannabis industry in the US. The new company has a vision that “cannabis improves people’s lives”. USMJ believes that cannabis can help fight diseases and keep people healthy and well, while causing no harm to the environment.

USMJ started its venture into the legal cannabis market with the inception of its subsidiary “American Seed & Oil Company”, eighteen months ago. The new subsidiary was aimed at developing several pilot products to identify areas with the largest growth potential. Now the company has announced the addition of a destination beverage company to its portfolio. The new addition is aimed at educating people about the benefits of cannabis infused drinks and to help them make the right choices. This has also been done to develop a focus on the company’s DuBe hemp energy drink and the newly acquired fitness café operation.

Steven Rash, the CEO of USMJ, also updated the shareholders regarding the business activities that led to the name change. He stated that a number of pilot products from the American Seed & Oil had shown promise. American Seed & Oil would continue to work on developing further pilots and improve the existing ones. He hinted at the company’s beverage distribution line and stated that the pilot had shown immense promise and has led to the inception of a dedicated subsidiary. In the coming weeks, USMJ wants to develop a range of different subsidiaries based on the successful pilots developed by the American Seed & Oil. At the moment, the company is concentrating on developing a line of different beverages for the new subsidiary.

NORTH AMERICAN CANNABIS HOLDINGS, INC (OTCMKTS:USMJ) finished the June 12 session with a decline of 8.82%, to close at $0.0155, after trading 36.88 million shares during the session.