Bioelectronics Corp (OTCMKTS:BIEL), a leading company in non-invasive Bio electroceutical technology, is pleased to announce the appointment of B. Braun Medical Ltd. as the new UK distributor for pain device related to Orthopaedics.

As per the reports, the RecoveryRx pain device of the company is an effective micro-medical device that treats chronic and acute musculoskeletal pain and reduces oedema.

Insights On The Matter:

The company is planning to introduce this pain device during the prominent enhanced recovery surgical programs of B. Braun focusing mainly on knee and hip replacement as well as spine surgery. The device will also be used in orthopaedic trauma to ensure better results without any hassle. In case of joint replacements, RecoveryRx will lead to better rehabilitation while preparing patients for the surgery and offer good quality acute post-operative pain relief.

With the inclusion of RecoveryRx in the surgery, patients can expect faster mobilization, better restoration and excellent results within the least possible time. The senior management teams of both the companies are excited to execute this deal and hope that it will bring desired results in the coming months.

According to Darren Lee, Vice President, Spine & Orthopaedics, B. Braun, with the help of RecoveryRx technology, it will be able to emphasize its focus on patients safety and care. B. Braun is committed to offering high-end products and services to healthcare professionals with the help of world-class therapeutic systems and innovative implants. The addition of RecoveryRx to B. Braun’s portfolio will not only expand its reach but expertise as well.

Dr. Deepak Kotak, Executive Vice President, Bioelectronics Corp (OTCMKTS:BIEL), states that offering efficient analgesia is safer, more cost effective and better tolerated in today’s time, especially in aging population. Both the company look forward to unfolding new layers of healthcare needs in the coming time to ensure higher safety measures.