Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS), a leading name in the US marijuana industry, is pleased to announce that it has decided to expand its licensing deal with Purple Haze Properties.

As per the reports, the company launched ‘Jimi’s Cannabis Collection’ at the prestigious Marijuana Business Conference and Expo held in Chicago lately to take things forward with Purple Haze. Cannabis Science is known for developing cannabis formulation based drugs.

Insights On Matter:

To take the relation with Purple Haze Properties ahead, Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) made an announcement that Andrew Pitsicalis, CEO, Purple Haze, would represent joint and individual products of the company at the event. Both the companies have been working for some time together to come up with an exciting cannabis-based product line with the help of scientific genetics.

Apart from this, Cannabis Science and Purple Haze also intend to launch an educational platform where cannabis patients and doctors from around the world can come together and share their experiences. It will help the company advancing its cannabis research.

Purple Haze looks forward to launching its dream project i.e. Purple Haze Lounges all across the world. The company is eying Los Angeles and Denver as the first two locations to set afloat operations before it moves to Vancouver, B.C, and Jamaica. Some of the sought after amenities of these 20,000 Sq. Ft. lounges include world-class restaurants, concert halls, charity foundations, VIP Membership, etc. The company also looks forward to offering a top-notch cultural experience to all the guests. These lounges will use the best in class video and music technologies to enhance the overall experience.

To make sure that maximum people come to know about this initiative, Purple Haze made the announcement concerning the Purple Haze Lounges during the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo. It hopes to receive customers’ support in the coming months.