Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) has disclosed that it has been in talks with Purple Haze Properties to market its cannabis based drugs. Most of these drugs would be part of Jimi’s Cannabis Collection. CBIS plans to showcase all of these products at the “Marijuana Business Conference and Expo”. Additionally, the two companies have decided to work together to make use of scientific genetics to manufacture cannabis based medicines.

CBIS is a company that enjoys the advantage of having a unique understanding of metabolic processes, which it uses in developing treatments for conditions that have unsatisfactory treatments. The company is driven by the growing number of publications on medicinal marijuana. Currently, CBIS is working on developing therapeutics for age-related illnesses and infections. Furthermore, the company already has three drugs under development, targeting skin cancer, HIV/AIDS and neurological conditions. Unfortunately, the drugs have been under development for over 3-years and are still not ready for the market.

Purple Haze, has been making plans for launching its state of the art lounges for recreational and medical marijuana. These lounges will be developed in the form of elite clubs, having all the facilities ranging from VIP memberships to concert halls to charity foundations. The initial locations list includes Los Angeles and Denver, with a planned expansion towards Vancouver and Jamaica. Purple Haze will showcase its “Jimi’s Cannabis Collection” at the mega event, which mostly includes products for pain management. CBIS also announced that it will make use of dedicated kiosks to help patients decide on cannabis products to use, based on their respective conditions and medical history.

Additionally, CBIS has reached a one year agreement with Derwin A. Wallace to serve as the investor relations and financial officer. He has been given the task to expand financial communications of the company and also initiate coverage from research analysts. Mr. Wallace has been enthusiastic about the appointment and has reaffirmed his dedication to the goals assigned.

Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) finished trading on July 10 at a share price of $0.0209, after gaining 0.97% and trading 1.07 million shares.