Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS), a leading name focusing on the development of cannabis-based drugs, is pleased to announce that it has decided to expand licensing deal with Purple Haze Properties.

As per the reports, Andrew Pitsicalis, CEO, Purple Haze Properties has been given the responsibility to represent joint as well as individual medical products produced by Cannabis Science for Jimi’s Cannabis Collection.

Insights On Products:

Purple Haze and Cannabis Science have been working together for a long time to come with a fantastic line of cannabis-based products by using scientific genetics. Both of them intend to create an educational platform where doctors and patients from all over the world can come together and share useful information that can further be used in cannabis research.

Purple Haze Properties is looking forward to launching the concept of the Purple Haze Lounges all across the globe. It’s targetting Los Angeles and Denver for the initial launch before it can move on to Jamaica and Vancouver to expand business and tap a wide range of audience.

Some of the major amenities in these 20,000 sq. ft. large ultra lounges include restaurants, concert hall, charity foundation with themed social surroundings and VIP memberships. These lounges are likely to use some of the best video technologies and music services to offer and excellent atmosphere to all the guests.

Meanwhile, the company is looking forward to setting up Jimi’s Cannabis Collection; a lucrative lifestyle brand, which is completely dedicated to the greatest and biggest guitarist in rock and roll history. The company decided to make the announcement during Marijuana Business Conference and Expo to make sure that a lot of industry experts and users could know about this launch.

The entire senior management of the company is excited to explore this opportunity and hopes that it will bring positive results in the near future.