Hangover Joe’s Holding Corp (OTCMKTS:HJOE) revealed that it has successfully concluded production method of hangover recovery shot formulation. It was the first product process that was aimed for Cure Korea. Now, the company will take necessary measures to commence the shipment of recovery shots to new target region, South Korea. It comes as a great success as Cure Korea is one of the most sought distributor entities in South Korea. They are known for their expert team and services.

The success

Hangover Joe’s Holding Corp (OTCMKTS:HJOE) had spent huge amount of time and resources working on the unique hangover recovery shots meant for market in South Korea. The company needed to formulate a drink that should pass the set standards and approval process of MFDS, a Korean version of U.S.FDA. The recovery shots have passed the stringent process, which suggests that now Koreans can buy Hangover Joe’s recovery shots to get rid of hangover.

The significance

The news comes as a relief to investors who are betting on the future of Hangover Joe’s. This deal can help the company to enhance its performance as South Korea is known to be known name in industry of higher alcohol consumption. In fact, people in South Korea consider drinks as a pressure valve that can used to get rid of growing frustrations. It also works as a strong factor the business seeking growth. Clearly, the new shorts will be beneficial for the company as well as people.

The future ahead

The people in South Koreans can now buy hangover recovery treatment every morning. The country reports stringent social guidelines which get absorbed in alcohol. Drinking forms an important part of people’s lives in country. Cure Korea has commenced the distribution activities and even supplied products to big box stores, grocery outlets and big convenience store chains.

On Monday, the stock price of Hangover Joe’s jumped more than 18% to close the trading session at $0.00390. The gains came at a share volume of 14.80 million compared to average share volume of 84.59 million.