Hangover Joe’s Holding Corp (OTCMKTS:HJOE), a leading name in The United States, announces that it has successfully finished the production run for Cure Korea. Following the production run, it is planning to ship the recovery shot to South Korea soon.

Insights On Matter:

Hangover Joe’s was involved in the production procedure for over 18 months or so. It had to try a lot to get the product accepted by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety i.e. Korean version of FDA. The entire senior management team of the company is delighted to share that Hangover Joe’s has become the first, and the only recovery shot producer to get accepted in South Korea. No other company has every gotten a chance to distribute its recovery shot in the country.

South Korea is considered as one of the top notched countries in the world in terms of alcohol consumption. The shot lovers in South Korea will now have a perfect delivery system to enjoy a hassle free availability. Cure Korea has already started selling the product to various grocery stores, convenience store chains and big box stores spread across the country. The initial reports suggest that the entire nation is waiting for this product eagerly.

In South Korea, people booze extensively for peculiar reasons. Some do it to get rid of stress while others booze to get drunk and enjoy. There is a huge scope for recovery shot in the country as it can aid people to an advanced level, as well as replace ordinary hangover drink. Right from corporate parties to small get together, booze plays an important role in the South Korean lifestyle.

People drink on weekends to enjoy and on weekdays to reduce the stress level. The country where house parties, office parties, birthday parties and casual dinners are incomplete without booze, is the perfect place for company’s recovery shot. It will set the ball in motion for the company to launch this product in other countries as well.