The latest press release from Integrated Freight Corp (OTCMKTS:IFCR) informed that it has engaged VoiceFlix Inc. as the advertising agency. The company’s decision came following its turnaround and efforts to rebuild its image through social media and a new website. VoiceFlix is expected to assist the company in sharing its story and capabilities with the potential customers.

Advertising agency appointed

The appointment of the advertising firm is a part of Integrated Freight Corp (OTCMKTS:IFCR)’s business development plan as it aims to reach out to new customers and expand operations. The company selected VoiceFlix on the basis of research results that showed its impressive campaigning for similar public companies. Integrated’s Chief Operating Officer, Henry P. Hoffman said that they will get the new corporate identity artwork in the forthcoming weeks.

Third-quarter summary

During the last week, Integrated Freight Corp (OTCMKTS:IFCR) succeeded in gaining back the confidence of its investors as it filed its third-quarter report and regained compliance. The company’s reports showed that it maintained a cash balance of $9,066, which is extremely poor when compared with its current liabilities of $16.01 million. Further, the current assets worth $4.29 million too are not adequate to cover its liabilities. The company appeared to have improved on revenues front, as it accounted $4.75 million during the quarter while its net loss stood at $330,000.

Meanwhile, the company’s CEO David N. Fuselier reassured that they have improved their net income despite a seasonally weaker third quarter. It is agreed that the company has arrested its loss, but it does not mean it is completely out of the woods.

In view of such possibilities, investors turned cautious with their outlook on Integrated Freight Corp (OTCMKTS:IFCR). Resultantly, after reporting a solid rally, the stock of the company fell by more than 18% to $0.0018 as 15.33 million shares changed hands.