LifeApps Digital Media Inc (OTCMKTS:LFAP), an emerging designer of fitness, health, e-commerce and sports applications and websites, announces participation in Electronic Entertainment Expo taking place in LA.

It’s not the first time when the company has attended any such event. Recently, it registered presence at Digital Media Licensing Expo that took place in Las Vegas.

Insights On The Matter:

It’s a well-known name in the growing health, sports and fitness entertainment industry; hence, it keeps attending a wide number of trade events to get a fair idea of new trends and new markets. LifeApps Digital Media intends to learn new trends in digital fitness and health space. Its recent appearance in E3 and Digital Media Licensing Expo helped it to conduct research on emerging business models in fitness and sports entertainment.

Management’s Call:

The senior management of LifeApps is committed to making a change in the digital space. According to Robert Gayman, CEO, LifeApps Digital Media Inc., the reach of digital fitness and health market is growing very fast. LifeApps is on its toes to analyze the continually growing market situation to make the best use of the available resources.

The digital platform paves the way for new opportunities in business and content. The best example of how digital media has grown lately can be of YouTube, which has slowly become the largest and most sought after source of digital content. LifeApps is on look out for something like that. There are many players in the market, who have been offering competitive services for a long time now; hence, the road to growth is not easy for the company.

The entire senior management team is committed to bringing the best out of the prevailing market situation. The company is growing at a swift pace, and will keep sharing further updates with its shareholders from time to time.