Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA), a leading name in the US marijuana field, has decided to invest in AXIM Biotechnologies to expand its expertise and market reach. As per the reports, the company announced a short while ago that it had acquired as many as 500,000 units of preferred stock as well as 14.94 million units of common stock.

Management Call:

The senior management of the company was delighted to announce this news and hoped that it would help the company fulfilling its promises in an effective way. According to Stuart W. Titus, President & Chief Executive Officer, Medical Marijuana, it’s a strategic step taken by the company. Each and every individual belonging to Medical Marijuana is excited to see this strategic association taking place.

Dr. Anastassov and rest of the management team of AXIM Biotechnologies have been keen on taking a few innovative initiatives for the last few months. Of all the innovative steps that AXIM Biotechnologies is working on, the most important is its initiative concerning hemp-based innovation. As per the reports, the company is likely to provide a wide range of options to marijuana users across the globe.

What Prompted Medical Marijuana To Hold A Stake In AXIM Biotechnologies:

AXIM Biotechnologies is one of the sought after the biotech company that focuses mainly on global development, research, and production of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and a wide range of cosmetic products. Apart from these items, the company also focuses on biofuels that are derived from cannabinoids.

The senior management of AXIM Biotechnologies is equally excited to be a part of this strategic association and hopes that it will turn into a long-term relation between these two. According to George E. Anastassov, Chief Executive Officer, AXIM Biotechnologies, company’s technical expertise and commitment towards environment protection give it an edge over others. It will try its best to live up to Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA)’s expectations in the future.