Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA), a leading company in the medical marijuana field, is proud to announce that it has invested in AXIM Biotechnology. As per the reports, the company has grabbed 500,000 shares of preferred stock and 14.94 million shares of common stock in AXIM Biotechnology.

The information was made public by the company a few days back stating that it had invested in the leading biotechnology innovator AXIM Biotechnology.

Management Call:

The senior management of Medical Marijuana is delighted to share this update and hopes that it will help it enhancing its technical expertise. According to Stuart W. Titus, Ph.D., CEO & President, Medical Marijuana Inc., it’s great to have executed this strategic partnership. Dr. Anastassov and the rest of the AXIM management team have done a wonderful job in the biotechnology field. Amongst many initiatives, AXIM announced a short while ago about a hemp-based tech innovation. As per the reports, it would provide a wide range of new options to hemp-consumers all over the world.

AXIM Biotech is a cutting-edge biotech company that focuses on global research, production & development of pharmaceutical food, cosmetic and nutraceutical products. It is also known for producing biofuels from cannabinoids. The company focuses primarily on the unique mechanism for cannabinoids delivery.

The senior management of AXIM Biotech is as delighted to announce this news as Medical Marijuana. According to George E. Anastassov, CEO, AXIM Biotech, it’s a great way to explore the cannabis field with Medical Marijuana. AXIM is a hemp-derived bio-science company and understands its responsibility to protect the environment as well as resolve those problems that don’t have any solution as of now.

Both the firms look forward to using each others’ resources to producing such technologies in hemp industry that can address some of the most important and critical issues in an easy and hassle-free way.