The first half of 2015 has proved how volatile EKSO BIONICS HOLDING (OTCBB:EKSO) stock can be. The stock surged above $2 per share in the first week of April and then subsequently declined. Again, it moved up on the chart and crossed the $2 mark in the second half of May followed by a sharp decline in June. Broadly, the stock has been trading in a range of $1 per share to $2 per mark since last few months.

The performance

EKSO Bionics stock is having a tough time to move up on the charts and it is something very obvious considering the existing financials and market cap. At the end of 1Q2015, the company reported cash reserves of $21.13 million. The current assets stood at $25.55 million against current liabilities of $6.7 million. The revenue in quarter came at $1.68 million and net loss was $4.11 million. The numbers cannot be stated as dismal for an OTC entity, and therefore the stock once again managed to move above $1 per share mark.

The scope

EKSO Bionics has been working to develop exoskeletons for different applications. It intends to design the exoskeletons for the many spheres like military, healthcare, industrial applications and the list goes on. The company is working together with Boston Dynamics on DARPA development projects and has ventured into the rehabilitation segment, expanding its business.

The buzz

Last week, the CEO Nathan Harding was interviewed on the Varney & Co. program aired on the Fox Business Network. This resulted in more than 11% jump as the stock closed the trading session at $1.14 per share.

Despite the entire buzz, the stock declined more than 5% in last trading session to close the week at $1.08. The decline came at a share volume of 304,216 compared to monthly average share volume of 400,290.