In last week of July, Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) reported that they added Dr. Gary Blick, MD to its Scientific Advisory Board. The Company is focused on the advancement of effective therapies to treat HIV and related Kaposi Sarcoma problem with its preclinical drug candidate CS-TATI-1 by utilizing CBD based formulations.

The details

Dr. Blick joins the Cannabis Scientific Advisory Board adding his experience and expertise in HIV field to a list of members including Mark Wainberg, Ph.D. and Dr. Roscoe Moore, along with other noted FDA drug developers. In July at the IAS event in Vancouver, medication approaches to inhibit HIV TAT were extensively talked by a global audience of clinicians and scientists. Currently, Cannabis Science is the only commercial entity under taking advancement of an HIV TAT inhibitor and for the purpose is collaborating with pioneering investigators at various academic institutions.

The expert comments

Chad S. Johnson, the COO of Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) stated that Dr. Blick will improve the CS-TATI-1 development plan with his extensive experience in HIV clinical research. The company is impressed by his commitment to patients living with HIV disease and his remarkable history of dedication to progressing treatment of AIDS. The management welcomes him to Scientific Advisory Board and seeks his anticipation in helping Cannabis Science follow the necessary measures towards regulatory submission.

Dr. Blick has more than thirty years of extensive experience as an HIV provider. He has cared for over 3,500 patients of HIV. He has been the Chief Investigator for more than 110 clinical research studies. Dr. Blick has co-authored/authored over 155 scientific presentations and medical manuscripts in the field of HIV. In fact, his articles has been issued in JID, Journal of AIDS, and many other renowned medical journals.

In last trading session, the stock price of Cannabis declined 0.75% to close the trading session at $0.0395.